From Table Tennis Champion to Business Royal: Sejal Nagje joins the Super 100

by | Jul 9, 2024

In a remarkable demonstration of grit and versatility, Sejal Nagjee has seamlessly transitioned from an acclaimed international athlete to a revolutionary businesswoman, leaving an indelible mark in both realms.

Nagjee’s  journey began on the prestigious courts of table tennis, where over 17 years she amassed an impressive tally of 138 medals representing India worldwide. Her dual pursuit of academic excellence and athletic prowess set her apart, showcasing her ability to excel both on and off the court. “The rigorous training instilled in her the value of diligence in attaining success,” remarked one of her longtime coaches.

Drawing upon her vast experience as an athlete, Nagjee seamlessly transitioned into the business world, leveraging her dedication, hard work, and creativity. In 2003, she founded Milestone Dubai, initially a floral design studio. Her expertise in ikebana, bonsai, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and feng shui became the cornerstone of Milestone’s early success.

Reflecting on her beginnings, Nagjee recalled a pivotal moment supplying flowers for Whitney Houston’s concert at Nad Al Sheba Club, a breakthrough that catapulted Milestone into the spotlight. Bolstered by her ambition, Nagjee expanded into hotel florals, quickly gaining the trust of prominent clients including the Platinum Yacht owned by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Under Sejal’s visionary leadership, Milestone Dubai evolved into a comprehensive residential and commercial remodeling solution, employing over 70 experts across five divisions. The company’s portfolio boasts transformations of luxury homes, offices, and hotels across Dubai, driven by a commitment to quality and innovation.

Nagjee’s relentless pursuit of excellence extends beyond business. Supported by her husband and business coach, Rajesh Nagjee, she continues to push boundaries, aiming for perfection in every endeavor. Her son, Jay Nagjee, pursues a career in filmmaking, reflecting the family’s artistic spirit.

Looking ahead, Nagjee remains focused on expanding Milestone’s influence, crafting extraordinary spaces that blend luxury with functionality. Her numerous accolades, including the Emaar Best Garden award, underscore her influence and commitment to excellence.

As Nagjee aptly puts it, “The word ordinary holds no appeal.” Her journey from sports excellence to entrepreneurial success serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide, embodying the spirit of perseverance and achievement.

This news blog encapsulates Nagjee’s remarkable evolution from sports to business leadership, highlighting her achievements and the ongoing success of Milestone Dubai and her many other business ventures. We congratulate Sejal Nagjee for her countless achievements. 

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