Milestone Carpentry stands as a leading carpentry and joinery enterprise, dedicated to crafting bespoke furniture and finishes for homes.



The Artisanal Odyssey of Milestone Dubai

Today, it operates from a spacious 6000 square foot joinery located in Al Quoz, Dubai. However, this journey dates back to 2003 when our founder and Creative Director, Sejal, along with her husband, relocated to Dubai.

Together, they established their own residence and soon recognized the challenge of locating reliable and skilled craftsmen for smaller projects. This firsthand experience motivated Sejal to initiate a venture that could assist others facing similar hurdles.

In 2007, she inaugurated Milestone Dubai, specializing in landscaping and interior design. It became evident that carpentry was an integral component of interior design.

Until then, she had been outsourcing carpentry tasks, but encountered difficulties in finding contractors who could deliver the level of quality and meticulousness Sejal aspired to. Consequently, she resolved to establish her own carpentry facility, enabling her to furnish clients with precise 3D renderings and presentations of their envisioned designs.

Milestone Joinery

Mastery in Crafting Your Unique Spaces

At Milestone Joinery, we craft a diverse range of furnishings, from doors and wardrobes to kitchens and bathroom vanity counters. Our seasoned team excels in tailoring styles and finishes to your exact preferences, whether it’s modern, classic, or a fusion of both. With proficiency in various materials and finishes including laminates, Vineers, MDF, high gloss lacquer, and semi-gloss lacquer, we bring versatility to every project.

Milestone Joinery

Crafting Holistic Spaces at Milestone Joinery

Above all, we recognize that achieving the ideal interior design encompasses more than individual pieces of furniture. This drives our collaborative approach with clients, focusing on creating a unified vision for the entire space. This ensures that elements ranging from flooring and lighting to wall arrangements are seamlessly integrated, resulting in a harmonious environment.

Milestone Joinery

We aim to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible while transforming your vision into a reality.