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Walls & More is an art studio envisioned by Sejal to infuse life into your walls, allowing them to communicate with you.We firmly believe that vibrant designs can animate your interior, rendering each wall distinctive while harmonizing seamlessly with the entirety of your living space.

Walls & More

Artistic Transformations, Affordable Creations

From captivating wall murals, to standalone art pieces, to the understated elegance of wood combined with materials like granite, porcelain, metal, and paint, our focus lies in crafting multimedia wall enhancements. These creations are not only sophisticated and stylish but also remarkably budget-friendly.

Starting from just 3,000 dirhams, we’re dedicated to collaborating with local artisans, ensuring that our unique and affordable pieces are accessible to all.

Walls & More made its official debut at the Milestone Creative Hub exhibition in 2019, but this was just the beginning! In 2023, Walls & More is poised to elevate its offerings with the establishment of a physical studio in Al Quoz, scheduled for completion by the mid of the year 2024.

Walls & More

A Dream Born from Artistic Roots and a Lifelong Passion

Though Walls & More is an extension of Milestone Dubai, established by Sejal in 2003, her aspiration to create an art studio dedicated to wall enhancements has been a long-standing dream.

Being raised by an artistic mother, Sejal was introduced to arts and crafts from the tender age of 3. Recognizing her talent, her mother enrolled her in Almelkar’s school of painting – Nutan Kala Mandir – where Sejal honed her painting skills.

Attending New Era School in Mumbai, which held a deep appreciation for art, Sejal was fortunate to have an exceptional art teacher, Mr. Dinesh Shah, who left a profound impact on her. Her mother, a fine artist herself, was another significant influence.

This immersive upbringing made art and craft second nature to Sejal. Instead of engaging in more typical childhood pastimes, she delved into hands-on activities like clay sculpting, exploring watercolor and acrylic paints, and experimenting with various other artistic mediums.

From Table Tennis Courts to Dubai Homes

Sejal’s exposure to a diverse range of art was further amplified during her 17-year stint as a Table Tennis player representing India. From the age of 11, she embarked on global travels, residing in esteemed 5-star accommodations, and absorbing the aesthetics of these exquisite spaces. While art was an integral component, she also encountered numerous hotels adorned with stunning wall enhancements.

Through Milestone, Sejal has meticulously revamped over 800 residences across Dubai, with wall enhancements playing a pivotal role in many transformations. With Walls & More, Sejal endeavors to bring forth a revolution in the homes of Dubai’s residents, offering affordable artwork crafted by an array of inspiring artists and creators.

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