Space Planning

‘’I collaborate closely with my clients, delving deep into understanding their identity and requirements. From there, our journey to craft spaces that not only meet but exceed their expectations begins.

We approach everything we do with passion and dedication, and nothing brings us more joy than satisfied clients. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver some of the finest interior design services in Dubai, UAE and other regional areas.”- Sejal Nagjee

Space Planning

Strategic space planning for homes involves tailoring living spaces to optimize both functionality and aesthetics. Understanding the project owners needs guides the process, considering factors such as occupants, their activities, and specific room requirements. A thorough assessment of each space is conducted, focusing on traffic flow, defining functional zones, and ensuring clear pathways.

The design emphasizes maximizing natural light, views, and creating an aesthetic harmony through consistent color palettes and styles. Flexibility is integrated to allow spaces to adapt over time, and technology integration addresses practical aspects like lighting and multimedia systems.

The outcome is a well-designed, personalized living space that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, reflecting the owner’s unique lifestyle. 

Design Planning

In the Detailed Design phase, we refine and elaborate on the initial concept to create a comprehensive specification suitable for budgeting and approval. 

This stage involves producing a drawing pack that typically includes, at a minimum, the following items:

  • Detailed GA Plans
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Flooring Plans
  • Builders Plans
  • Partition Elevations
  • Teapoint Elevations
  • Joinery works (Doors, Cabinets, etc)
  • Finishes Schedules 

Furniture Selection

Selecting furniture is a pivotal aspect of the design process, significantly influencing the comfort and productivity of your employees. With our team’s extensive experience in the furniture sector, we are well-acquainted and provide the highest- level manufacturing work ourselves. This positions us to guide you through the potential complexities in variations of quality, service levels, and aftercare.

Throughout the design process, we offer support by presenting a range of products with detailed specifications to complement the design. Our involvement includes providing a fully quantified and budgeted specification for furniture items, encompassing dimensions, manufacturers, and finishes.

To ensure your satisfaction, we facilitate the decision-making process by creating multiple options for viewing furniture at showrooms. This allows for comprehensive discussions and enables us to mutually agree on a final selection that aligns seamlessly with your design vision.


In the Concept Design phase, a 3D model brings the design to life, providing a more vivid representation. This model serves not only to inform clients but also to guide the ongoing design process.

Once created, the 3D model facilitates the generation of easily sketched or semi-realistic views for effective presentation. By applying colors and finishes, we swiftly communicate our design ideas, and the model can be edited to showcase various options for discussion.

As the design progresses, you might decide on the need for a photorealistic depiction. This type of visual offers a fully accurate representation of the design, often comparable to installed photographs, providing a comprehensive and realistic view of the envisioned space.

More Than A Consultant

As one of the leading design and build firms in Dubai, we recognize the intricate thought process behind interior design consultations, and we’re dedicated to providing guidance at every phase.

Irrespective of the project’s scale, our aim is to craft architectural spaces within physical structures that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. We stay abreast of the latest industry trends and assist home and business owners in navigating the design journey.

By carefully considering elements such as furniture arrangement, color palettes, decor, artwork, lighting, window treatments, and flooring, interior designers work harmoniously to curate an overall aesthetic that fulfills the client’s requirements.


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