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Walls & More is an art studio conceived by Sejal to make your walls come alive and make them speak to you.

Our belief is that you can bring your interior to life with vibrant designs that make each wall unique, yet work in harmony with the rest of your home.


From a wall mural, to a piece of art, to the simplicity of wood alone combined with other materials like granite, porcelain, metal, and paint, our focus is on wall enhancements that are multimedia in nature, sophisticated and stylish, yet affordable.

Ranging from just 3,000 dirhams, we believe in collaborating with talented local artists to create unique and affordable pieces that are accessible to all.

Walls & More officially launched at Milestone’s Creative Hub exhibition in 2019, but that was just the start! In 2023, Walls & More is going to the next level with the creation of a physical studio in Al Quoz expected to be completed by end of 2023.


Why Walls & More

Though Walls & More is a branch of Milestone Dubai, founded by Sejal in 2003, it has been Sejal’s dream for many years to start an art studio focused on wall enhancements.

Growing up with an artistic mother, Sejal was involved in arts and crafts since the age of 3. Her mother recognized her talent and sent her to the Almelkar’s school of painting – Nutan Kala Mandir – where Sejal developed her painting skills.

Sejal’s school, New Era in Mumbai, placed a high value on art and she had an exceptional art teacher called Mr Dinesh Shah who greatly influenced her, as did her mother who was a fine artist.

As a result of this immersion, art and craft came easily to Sejal. Instead of playing with Lego or indulging in more traditional childhood hobbies, she worked with her hands and explored clay sculpting, watercolor and acrylic paints, and many other mediums.


Sejal was also greatly influenced by the array of art she saw around the world while playing Table Tennis for India for 17 years. From the age of 11, she was traveling globally, staying in 5-star hotels, and absorbing what these hotels looked like. Art was one part, a painting could be on the wall, but most of the hotels had beautiful wall enhancements also.

Through Milestone, Sejal has transformed over 800 homes across Dubai, and wall enhancements have been a major feature in many. With Walls & More, Sejal aspires to transform the walls of Dubai’s homeowners through the affordable artwork of so many inspiring artists and creators.

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