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Milestone Carpentry, is a premier carpentry and joinery business specializing in creating custom furniture and finishes for homes.

Today it operates from a 6000 square foot joinery in Al Quoz, Dubai, but the journey began in 2003 when our founder and Creative Director, Sejal moved to Dubai with her husband.


Together, they set up their own home and realized the difficulty of finding reliable and skilled tradespeople for small projects. This experience inspired Sejal to start a company that could help others with similar struggles.

In 2007, she opened Milestone Dubai, a landscaping and interiors company, and realized that carpentry was a necessary aspect of interior design.

Up until then, she had been outsourcing carpentry work, but struggled to find contractors that could provide the level of quality and attention to detail she desired. As a result, she decided to build her own carpentry facility, in which she could provide her clients with accurate 3D renderings and presentations of their designs.


Milestone Carpentry creates everything from doors and wardrobes, to kitchens and bathroom vanity counters. Our team of experts can create any style or finish you desire, whether it be modern, classic, or something in between. We have experience with a wide range of materials and finishes, including laminated wardrobes, vineyard, MDF, high gloss lacquer, and semi-gloss lacquer.

Most of all, we understand that creating the perfect interior design is about more than just one piece of furniture. That’s why our approach is to work with our clients to develop a cohesive vision for the entire space, ensuring that everything from the flooring, to the lighting and wall arrangements are in harmony.


We aim to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible while transforming your vision into a reality.

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